Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Crashing in Amsterdam

Came across this nice take on Welcome to Holland. -uncommon sense And it rang true. Sometimes even in the SN world iulen just stands out as something quite different and so complex. At the "ballet for special people" show (he has been going for a term) he was the only artiste to get stage fright and run loudly protesting off the stage. It was painful to watch. His dance support worker was apologetic . He had been fine in rehearsal on the big stage. But he did type "lights scary" so maybe it was that? The show was lovely. Small kids big kids . A duet with a teacher and a pupil . Wheelchair wheelies. Uncommon sense also writes about a very disturbing patent lawsuit in USA regarding communication apps. Iulen's communication app has been developed by the company who created the original software and two years ago a complete package of ultra pc plus software etc cost £2700 . Now they do an iPad package for £1000. They embracing the iPad alongside their more costly high tech eye gaze systems etc. But the Implications of the huge comms tech companies in US cutting access to much cheaper AAC apps is huge. So many kids now getting relatively low cost easy access to a voice. I wish maya and her friends god luck in getting their voice heard where it really matters. irreparable damage