Wednesday, 23 June 2010

up in the air....

next door's cat comes eye to eye with large toy dog (won in tombola last year)

all the fun of a kitten without the responsibility! and less risk of setting off Ix's allergy as cat stays outside...

and the girls and friends created a mural on the shed....(spot the yellow submarine!)

we love our garden! didnt have one for 14 years...not gonna give up* having one now...pottering in evening watering the plants..therapeutic, relaxing...

* exP thinks we should move into the flat next door to him which we joint own still as a buy to let...(pending financial matters court hearing) it has NO garden, but that is not important, says he, I am just being selfish...the kids can play in the car park of the flats... duh!!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

a really nice break in Wales

half term, sunshine, farm visits, walks, sea, sandcastles, care for Ix so we could go out places altogether and also split for doing separate activites eg him on tour bus, girls on pier rides... and dinners cooked by mother... could not ask for more