Saturday, 8 August 2009

not a beach....

but hot and sunny Spain, with friends, lots of children around, small town with main square to have coffee with ice (me) coca cola/lemonade (kids) and crisps...afternoons in the pool, friend organized a local man to help with Ix, someone who has been working with disabled children, so it worked out very well for the afternoons at the pool.

(wondering just why we never went to the pool when we used to go with the ex to Spain? it was always a problem - too hot, too cold, too this, too that...)

madness ryanair, delays and extra costs due to too many kilos of luggage, vomits on way out but thankfully Ix fine on way back, tho kept asking for toilet - regardless of seatbelt sign on....skipped thru passport control avoiding queues, kudos to Stansted customer services for understanding that one tired autistic boy doesnt do queues. thank you!

back to work, one week, and playschemes, then off again!