Sunday, 27 September 2009

still here...

blogs in my head, no time - or rather exhaustion.

sent Ix off today with his dad and the friend who is supervising but exP looked very ill...he has been sending extreme text msgs, about "being all together again" which is just not reality...i hope the friend stays with and tells him to get help...

but at least today we girls can go shopping :)

contact with their dad been very mixed and mostly has resulted in tension all round due to changes in pick up times from his end, need to change to an alternate weekend schedule so we not dependent every weekend as at present.

finance - joint account heavily overdrawn due to exP's spending on refurbishing joint owned flat(s). now he says he has no money to eat... only option now is to sell both flats a.s.a.p and each take share of whatever meantime demands of £2000 per flat by December for sinking fund/refurbishment fund...

schools good but girls school closed for four days due to roof collapsing! sudden need for childcare aargh made arrangements with other parents and friend's friend's au pair's friend...

hopefully now back to normal. last week was school but no after school club - shows how much L needs that structured time to get homework done without distractions of little sister, TV and other goings on...

work busy, but achieved good media event and feel positive...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

how to kill a grandad?

monday. court hearing .

"i want to see my children every day"

"my dad, he is 82, he has parkinsons, he hasnt seen his grandchildren for two years"

girls with M. M calls - N says he wants girls to go to his flat to call grandad it is his birthday.

ok, if they want to.
L says no she is busy, they at the museum, they dont want to leave. she will see him tomorrow, as agreed.

I tell M - tell N - I am happy to call his dad tonight with the girls. we can wish him happy birthday.

M says: N says No! "it will kill him" "don't you understand, he doesnt know that she has taken away my kids..."

a month previously - my dad calls me (74 year old, had a stroke)
- N has called he wants to know why you wont let him see the children....

it isn't quite true - they are seeing him. long story.

but is it age? over 80 you might kill someone with a phone call telling the truth?
if you can't tell your own family the truth - do you ever believe it yourself?

a summer wedding

remind me not to follow the new tomtom down the m3 but take the usual quieter route!

so we went to a wedding - my little sister

Ix behaved impeccably
at dinner -tho did take walks after and watched portable DVD

girls had fun with family and cousins

summer's end

It's raining. warm rain. getting ready for school. Ix has already started school and is happy with new class. His LEA have ordered his new communication device, woo hoo.

but during the summer we found a beach

a windy one

we had a room with a view

we walked we cycled we went to the circus

he was very attentive

to scantily clad girls twirling hula hoops

while girls liked the range of animals including

a high rise goat, monkey, llama, dogs...